CALL OF MEETING – April 29, 2011

We invited our shareholders to an extraordinary general meeting for Corimon, C.A. Shareholders, which will be held on April 29, 2011 at 10:30 am at the Pent-House of the Corimon Building, located at Hans Neumann St., Los Cortijos de Lourdes, Caracas, Venezuela, in order to consider and decide the aspects contained in the following agenda:

1. Consider and decide about the changes on the Bylaws of the Company, in order to include a new article related with the Dividend Policy of the Company, in accordance to Article 40 of the “Ley de Mercado de Valores”.

2. Consider and resolve, overlooking the project that will be presented by the Board, regarding to the decree of an extraordinary dividend under the Undistributed Earnings account.


The Board.

Caracas April 14th, 2011.